If there is some government conspiracy to hide the existence of extra-terrestrial life then the current president would be the man to declassify all of it.  So, in the unlikely hope the president sees this I ask, in all seriousness, with some humor thrown in… how about it?   What can anyone do to you that hasn’t already been done? The thing about loosing a presidential election would be after it… you can’t really ever loose again.  So, if in the end, once all the court cases are over, and the recounts, and the shenanigans you loose why not draw a bright line under it?

No Evidence Of Aliens, Unless The Government Has It.

There is no real evidence that we have been visited or contacted by intelligent extra terrestrial life.  Let me make that clear.  If we ever get contact with ET’s it will be radio signals, sent hundreds of years ago, that would be just barely distinguishable from utterly random noise.   With even the theoretically possible best telescope we can ever have, using the Sun as a gravitational lense we’d get at best a pale Blue/green dot of an image.  Nothing more.    

There is no real evidence that we have been visited or contacted by intelligent extra terrestrial life.  Ever, at least not while humans walked this Earth.      It is far more likely if ET’s ever visited Earth they found it when it was all Dinosaurs here, perhaps even a Billion years earlier.  There could be no evidence of that.

There is however an enduring conspiracy theory that the government at the highest levels is lying to us about this. 

IF anyone would be bold enough to do that it would be President Donald J Trump.  The fact he hasn’t is the best evidence ever that that conspiracy theory has no merit.  In a way a presidency that has been plagued by various conspiracy theories from Russia gate to QAnon  will by having existed debunk a long standing conspiracy theory.    It has been the theme of whole movies and TV shows for decades.  ET, Alf, Men In Black, and many others.

Unless we have some alien remains on ice and a crashed space craft  that he’d like to tell us all about.  That would be a great way to end 2020.

President Trump? 

Yes, folks regardless of the outcome until at least January 20th Donald Trump will be the president of the United States.  Biden takes over after that date.  As a former president Trump won’t be taken out by armed guards… instead he gets armed guards for life, as well as travel via USAF aircraft, for life, a presidential library, likely will have military vessels named after him.

Those wanting some sort of over the top vengeful rebuke.  That did not happen.  That will not happen. Lets all just lighten the heck up, use the last few months of this to relax.  Let the lawyers’ lawyer.  Then get back to some degree of normal.  Lets just put this horrible year behind us no matter what and get on with making these new 20’s ROAR in a good way.