People believe that herbs can cure it all. Some say they are toxic and dont use traditional therapies. Who is right who is wrong. Once they know the content of the plant they rush to take our extracts out of it and apply in modern day medicines. Where is the truth. That herb is missing which used to be given in Vedic times or we dont know which plant is " Ashwagandha " . What is its botanical name. Why Nagori aswagandha is useful and not local one? Where are the Vaidyas who can identify the "buty " or proper herb which Hanumanji brought for Laxman ? Correlations between the vedic literature, knowledge passed from generations to generations and the present day applications are all matter of discussion and dispute. People say herbs can cure cancer . Its all humbug no such thing exists. Its time we really make serious studies and findout what is the truth.