Its child health, health care, old age care which is important but still important is education of parents to have good parenting. Rich nations have higher level of education, children are borne very rarely and , their health is good. Parents spend less time taking them to hospitals because they pay full attention and care. Some of the old beliefs and practices are major source of trouble in poor nations. One such example I observed was that it was written on honey bottle ‘ HONEY NOT TO BE GIVEN TO NEW BORNE CHILDREN TILL THEY ARE ONE YEAR OLD. “ In contrast to his in India they give honey as first feed immediately after the birth or at early times. This causes infection in the stomach and intestine of the child. This results in sick child having all sorts of stomach troubles. If parents take their child to hospital several times a month its waste of national wealth and loss of productivity. Imagine next child coming within next one year and again and again. Child have poor health. If children are poor in health the nation will be of weak persons . Poor health is big problem of poor nations. Sick people can not achieve high productivity and nations remain poor. Another examples putting KAJAL , Black tar into the eyes of the children which can even cause blindness. But its a common practice. Healthy children produce healthy nation and healthy people work hard to produce wealthy nations. When will poor countries understand that their major problem is not pollution their problem is population and unless they control their population they cant enjoy the fruits of development in equitable manner. Health and wealth go together. And both require a good natural habit and habitat.