Perhaps the Japanese have the longest life. Some people say because they take red wine. I am no expert in medicine but what I have seen in Japan is that they hardly eat fried food. Most of the Japanese food is very near the nature including seafood. Considerable portion of Japanese food is sea weeds which are giant algae . They eat these algae in the form of papad. They eat lot of fish also which provides them phosphorus . They have perhaps some of the best gardens surrounding their religious places. Kyoto gardens of two temples and the palace of Koyto are famous for this. Although younger generation Japanese prefer to go to Kobe. I remember once a Japanese fellow traveller told me " You are old you go to Kyoto, I am young I go to Kobe" Its symbolic of the generation gap. Younger generation hardly learns to cook traditional foods of Japan ( or for that matter of any part of the world) . Preferred foods are PIZZA, Burgers and the list goes on. Children all over the world prefer to eat a burger over a salad plate. What I found is that all rich people have beutiful gardens where they spend considerable time, All rich nations have beutiful gardens. Some of the richest nations of the world are a "entire nation so green that you can them garden of God" If you live natural way, eat natural food, take natural medicines. you live healthier life for a longer time. Nature is where we all belong so if we remain near it we live longer and healthier life. Choice is yours.