Instead of talk on GLOAL WARMING my secretary by mistake sent the speech on TEXTILE EXPORT . I hope you don’t mind if I talk about that. Copenhangen might be next destination of all talks and no action. All the NGOs which are hungry for wealth inflow from WEST , all nations and their folks talking of global warming should be asked what have you done to prevent global warming ? Have a you planted a single tree per person ? Have you reduced excessive use of water, electricity, wasteful use of plastics, do you reduce your travel by car , or do you reduce your pollution level in any way ? What for nations have assembled in Copenhangen if no one wants to reduce pollution, reduce energy consumption work for renewable sources of energy for your own home. We don’t practice what we preach. Farmers reported that their wells are getting dried because of excessive use of water by ever increasing population pressure. It’s the excessive population which is threat to world peace and environment. Its excessive utilization of earths resources for luxury. Mahatma Gandhi once said nature produces enough for everyone s needs but not for greed. All participants to Copenhagen must be asked to sign a declaration that how many plants they will plant when they are back to their country ? Will they care for environment of their home, their locality and their city first before coming to International stage with begging bowls for money. Its not environment protection which they want to undertake , its money which they want to extract from some nations in the garb of environment protection. In case it was environment protection they should have called environmentalist and not politicians and NGOs . Let them plant 10 trees per person and meet next time with some contribution which they have made as an individuals. If 8 billion people of the world will plant 10 trees each per year the pollution level will come down by 10 percent. Work and not talk. US contests UN climate text proposal AFP 12 December 2009, 02:35am IST Text Size: | Topics: • US • UN COPENHAGEN: The United States on Friday contested key elements of the official draft proposal at the UN climate talks, saying proposals on carbon Twitter Facebook Share Email Print Save Comment emission curbs were "unbalanced". "In many respects, the text is a constructive step, however, the US doesn't see the mitigation as a basis for negotiation," said US chief negotiator Todd Stern. Emerging giant economies were not being pressed enough to slash their carbon output, and this made the text "unbalanced on that particular point," he told a press conference. "If we are talking about the need to keep the temperature increase below 2.0 C rise as compared to pre-industrial levels ... you can't even have that discussion if the major developing countries are not taking a major role," Stern told journalists. Other aspects of the seven-page draft, to be submitted in final to ministers arriving ahead of a crunch summit next Friday, were acceptable, the US negotiator said. But on the core question on how to share out the burden of slashing the heat-trapping greenhouse gases that cause global warming, it was inadequate. "This structure reflects 'old think', if you will. We can't solve the problem that way," Stern said. "We don't want to start the negotiations from that basis."