Women And Chronic Lyme Disease

Chronic lyme disease does not exist, but if you say it does long enough, a scholar will begin to study it, and then others will cite 'emerging evidence', and journalists will 'teach the controversy', and soon enough doctors who don' ...

Article - Hank Campbell - Aug 25 2023 - 12:13pm

Malaria-Causing Parasites Continue To Evolve In Africa- So Must Pesticides

White environmentalists in rich European countries still maintain a kind of benevolent colonialism over Africa, telling those countries Europe won't buy their food unless they use no science in its production- while ignoring that organic farming for t ...

Article - News Staff - Sep 11 2023 - 12:27pm

Leading The Developed World In Anti-Vaccine Beliefs: France

Thanks to public shaming of wealthy progressive elites on the coast, and even pressuring the Governor of California to accept science the way he long claimed he does and ban the arbitrary exemptions that led to some schools with only 25 percent of kids- th ...

Article - Hank Campbell - Sep 11 2023 - 2:35pm