A newly discovered planet, Kepler-78b, is in the constellation of Cygnus but it's a lot like Earth. If Earth were 2,000 degrees hotter and orbited the sun every 8 hours. 

But otherwise it is a lot like our planet, about 20% larger and 169% of our mass, and that makes it the smallest exoplanet to-date that has a confirmed mass and radius. The size is about the same, the density is about the same - and that's part of the mystery. How did it form so close to its star?

Kepler-78b orbits Kepler 78 and researchers made the determination by using the transit method.  Kepler-78 is one of about 150,000 stars that NASA’s Kepler spacecraft has precisely measured in terms of brightness so by measuring the wobbles they discovered Kepler-78b. In doing so, two groups (see citations below) came up with similar sizes and their calculations of Kepler-78b’s density are around 5.3 and 5.57 grams per cubic centimeter - similar to that of Earth and implying a composition of iron and rock. 

Kepler-78b placed on a planetary mass–radius diagram. Masses and radii represent the modes of the corresponding distributions derived from the MCMC analysis, and the error bars represent the 68.3% confidence interval (1σ). Earth and Venus are indicated for comparison. Credit and link:  doi:10.1038/nature12768

In terms of mass, radius and mean density, Kepler-78b is the planet most similar to the Earth of the exoplanets for which those quantities have been determined. However, Kepler-78b does differ from the Earth, notably in its very short orbital period and correspondingly high temperature.


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