Having a bad 2009?  It's only going to get worse when those printing presses they use to make more money finally break down.   But there is always a bright spot on dark days; babies.  

And apparently will brighten the days of other people more than having to see what your baby did today.  Plus, even in a bad time, sales of baby related products are up so it's a good time to start a new venture and that's why Babylolly.com now exists, billing itself as a way for parents to share the development of their baby with loved ones, no matter where they live, via an easy-to-use, collaborative and private website.

It says it is part online babybook, part social network - for babies.  Though they can't move.    What that means is it's a social network for mothers to tell other mothers how cute their babies are and get the same in return.    It has what you'd expect; simple online tools such as photo albums, videos, journals.   Family and friends can not only monitor the new baby's every step from around the globe, but can also upload content of their own, posting journal entries, or leaving notes on message boards.  Look for a rash of "what your baby means to me" posts taking over the Internet.

Obviously, the creepy weirdos who have taken over MySpace are a concern (some of them not even teenagers) so Babylolly has privacy and security built-in.   They claim to be a 100% private, invite-only network, allowing access only to those who have been personally invited by the parents to view their child's babybook.


Online Babybook: capture all your baby's precious moments on private and secure website for free.

Photo/Video Gallery: simply store and organize all your baby photos and videos on Babylolly and conveniently share them with family and friends. Only invited friends will see your private baby photos.

Baby Journal: keep an online journal of your baby's experiences and developments.

Baby Firsts Favorites: never forget an important milestone again!

Connect Collaborate: give family and friends the opportunity to fully contribute to the babybook and to share each and every precious moment.

Babylolly.com was founded by four online enthusiasts in 2008 who were frustrated with existing ways to share important baby moments.