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- Breakthrough Activation Technology Doubles Catalyst Activity without Modifying Target Resin Properties

Albemarle Corporation (NYSE: ALB) a global leader in supported single-site catalyst production and metallocene catalyst components, has created a revolutionary new activator/single-site catalyst program that delivers twice the typical productivity of conventional products.

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The proprietary new activator, known as ActivCat(TM), is the direct result of years of scientific studies on the fundamentals of activation and a response to the market demands for improved cost-in-use of single-site catalyst systems. Based on aluminoxane co-catalysts, customer catalyst systems produced and optimized at Albemarle with ActivCat are suited for both polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) resin production and produce resin properties equivalent to standard MAO/silica type catalysts. Most notably, in repeated metallocene testing, ActivCat had double the typical productivity of conventional MAO/silica catalysts without modifying resin properties.

Albemarle's customers can be assured that they will be at the forefront of the polyolefin resin market when combining the cost-in use benefits of ActivCat with the resin properties derived from their proprietary catalyst systems.

Albemarle's new ActivCat activation technology delivers: -- Extended intellectual property potential for custom catalyst systems, which could create barriers that protect current market channels; -- Improved value for commercial catalyst systems; and -- Optimized cost-in-use and increased market penetration rate for newly commercialized catalyst systems.

ActivCat was created by a select group of Albemarle's research and development professionals solely dedicated to the ongoing pursuit of enhanced activation technology. Customers taking advantage of this proprietary new program not only benefit from the unique properties of the breakthrough ActivCat technology, they also have access to Albemarle's industry-leading expertise, and consultative services.

Our new ActivCat process truly represents the future of activation technology and reinforces Albemarle's position as the global leader in creating advanced programs that deliver significant value to the marketplace, said Amy Motto, vice president of Albemarle's polyolefins catalyst division.

Our team will continue to aggressively focus on developing ground-breaking activation technologies that maximize profit and productivity, while providing premier customer service to our clients, Chris Knight, global business manager of catalysts and components.

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