HERTEN, Germany, January 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Aqua Society GmbH has concluded a strategic sales agreement with Switzerland's Prescience AG to cover not only the Middle East but also Turkey, Australia and Britain. Prescience is located in Baar in the canton of Zug, and has additional sales offices in Europe and Saudi Arabia. It represents European technology firms aiming at the global marketing of innovative products in the fields of water and energy. Both partners regard the implementation of the AHC (aqua, heat, cold) container developed by Aqua Society as especially promising for the numerous coastal building projects in the Gulf states.

"Expanding and modernising state and private infrastructure," says Frank Iding, Managing Director of Prescience AG, "is increasingly important in Middle Eastern countries with restricted water resources. We have long experience and excellent local contacts here, which is why we are initially concentrating on the Arabian Peninsula as our target market."

Hubert Hamm, CEO of Aqua Society GmbH, says of the marketing strategy: "Just as every building in central and northern Europe has its own heating system, premises in Mediterranean and sub-tropical zones require good air-conditioning and a cold store. In addition water supplies play a central role, and at this interface the AHC system is vital."

AHC container provides drinking water, cool air and hot showers

The AHC container system combines a process for obtaining water from atmospheric humidity with the related cooling technology and a system for heat recovery. This creates a plant which produces drinking water, heats household water and enables the operation of refrigerated rooms for foodstuffs, medicines and blood supplies. The system is suitable for governmental, commercial, military and humanitarian purposes.Smaller domestic units are in the later stages of development and will be available during 2008.

At external temperatures of 30degreesC and 60% humidity, even the smallest plant with a power requirement of 5-9 kW generates 200 litres of drinking water a day while cooling 600 kilos of foodstuffs and heating 1,200 litres of household water.

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Press contact: Aqua Society GmbH, Dr. Volker Schulz, Press and PR, Zukunftszentrum Herten, Konrad-Adenauer-Strasse 9-13, 45699 Herten, Tel.: +49(0)2366-305254, Email: presse@aqua-society.com