LOS ANGELES, October 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Burner Balm, a division of Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. has once again been in the UK press as accusations continue to arise attacking this innovative product. Burner Balm combines natural caffeine and green tea extract which can boost energy, Hoodia extract that suppresses appetite, and Chromium Picolinate that can aid in weight loss. This product was developed by reputable doctors and biochemists with a safe formula for patients who repeatedly complained of having low energy levels and problems controlling their appetite.

It puzzles us why anyone would challenge our product's integrity without offering any concrete evidence to back up their allegations, said Matthew Mills, President of Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. I would like to respond directly to those attacking our product marketing strategy. To make a correlation between our lip balm and peer pressure among teenage girls would never be made by an individual who has any real knowledge of what our product is designed to do or the group of people we are trying to help. I have said from day one that Burner Balm lip balm is intended to help men and women, who are currently on a healthy diet and exercise program, achieve their weight loss goals. Rather than rely on high calorie choices for that afternoon energy boost or snack before dinner, consumers now have a zero calorie alternative, Burner Balm.

There seem to be skeptics who question how ingredients in a lip balm can make a difference, said Dr. Allan Kurtz, co-founder of Burner Balm. This product contains proven extracts providing a concentrated formula that when absorbed through the blood vessels on the lips can absolutely be effective. The response we continue to receive not only from our customers, but also from patients in our practices reaffirms that Burner Balm does work.

Dr. David Toomey, one of the developing doctors behind Burner Balm, is a well-known clinical investigator for some of the world's largest multinational pharmaceutical and product manufacturers. We are three months into a weight loss clinical trial involving Burner Balm, said Dr. David Toomey. The early findings are encouraging as we continue to see positive results from the study participants. The company hopes to have the published results by the end of the year.

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Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc., a multidivisional corporation, strives to fulfill consumer demands by manufacturing and distributing low cost niche products that are green, clean, and safe.

Further product details and the science behind the entire Burner Balm line can be found at www.burnerbalm.com.

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