LONDON, December 2, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Online nutrition profiling firm has identified that fresh, raw nuts and seeds have a significant association with high energy levels in adults. This is good news during the festive season since fresh nuts are easy to obtain. looked at data from over 50,000 adults who had completed a detailed online nutrition questionnaire. Nearly 75% of people reported problems with energy including; low energy levels, reduction in energy, waking up tired and craving stimulants or sugary foods. These issues were significantly less prevalent in people who ate raw nuts and seeds daily. The team found that people who regularly ate raw nuts or seeds were three times more likely to be in optimum health. The data analysis showed that:

- Nut eaters are twice as likely to have more energy than non nut eaters - People who eat raw nuts frequently report needing less sleep and are nearly three times more likely to wake alert and refreshed than people who don't eat nuts - Nut eaters are half as likely to crave sugary foods or stimulants during the day advice is to eat two or three handfuls of fresh, raw nuts each day to help avoid cravings, improve energy and feel more refreshed in the morning. So head for the nut bowl before you reach for the coffee and chocolates this Christmas (but not if you have an allergy or intolerance!).


The online profile uses a detailed questionnaire that asks 230 questions about wellbeing, lifestyle, food intake and quality of life. It considers a wide range of everyday symptoms including; energy, skin and hair condition, headaches, mood swings, sleep, weight gain and many others. The MyNutrition profile gives users a personal 20-page report including tailored nutrition, food and lifestyle recommendations.

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