MUNICH, Germany, January 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Europe's leading digital innovation conference, DLD (Digital Life Design), is taking place from 25 to 27 January 2009 in Munich for the fifth year. Around 800 selected entrepreneurs, thinkers and creative leaders from a variety of sectors will gather at this synergy exchange at the invitation of Hubert Burda Media. All panels at the English speaking conference will also be broadcast on the DLD video portal (

The DLD conference title is New Realities, and it is calling on its international participants to formulate perspectives for the future of their markets and sectors after an eventful year. Main topics will be among others new business models, philanthrocapitalism, cloud computing, video networks, internet politics, sustainability and diversity. The group of 80 speakers will include successful entrepreneurs such as René Obermann (Deutsche Telekom), Martin Halusa (Apax) and Abigail Disney (Daphne Foundation); thought leaders such as Daniel Kahnemann (Nobel laureate for economics), Nassim Taleb (author of The Black Swan), Arianna Huffington (Huffington Post) and Matthew Bishop (author of Philanthrocapitalism), and creative stars such as Rem Koolhaas (architect), Ross Lovegrove (designer), Fernando Sulichin (film producer) and Michael Schindhelm (cultural manager).

DLD co-founder Steffi Czerny explains the conference's approach: DLD is interdisciplinary, creating interfaces and networks catalysing people from the most different worlds. Three days before the World Economic Forum in Davos, DLD will effectively set the agenda for 2009, and it is attracting numerous international guests to Europe. DLD co-founder Dr Marcel Reichart says: DLD offers an intensive networking platform for developing new models of thinking and of business.

All further information, the complete programme, videos of all the discussions and the DLD documentary from last year can be found on

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