GENEVA, October 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Earth Council Geneva was a major contributor this summer in an effort to clean marine debris from the shores of Alaska. Teaming with the Marine Conservation Alliance Foundation (financially backed by the US Federal government) ECG spearheaded a project focusing on the wild beaches of Shelikof Strait in south central Alaska. ECG Chairman, Reto Braun, enlisted the help of a local non-profit organization, Earth Tabs, and its vessel to retrieve derelict nets, lines, buoys and trash from the Alaskan coastline.

Marine debris is a huge problem around the globe, stated Bob King, the Marine Conservation Alliance Program Coordinator, but the MCA Foundation is making a difference in Alaska thanks to partners like ECG and Earth Tabs. Together with our other cleanup partners, we removed almost 150 tons of debris from the Alaska shoreline in 2008. Much more remains to be done and we're pleased to work with ECG, Earth Tabs, and others who care about cleaner oceans and our coastline.

In addition to cleaning the beaches, local awareness has been raised through these efforts. Volunteer groups have been organized to clean beaches in the more accessible areas, and school children have been involved in making posters and drawing attention to the marine debris issue. No longer is it acceptable to consider the oceans a place for our garbage and waste. It is an ecosystem too integral and connected to our world to be abused in such a manner, and it is through efforts like these that our collective consciousness can be raised.

I am pleased to be able to contribute to this effort, stated Chairman Braun, and to learn what is important in such a program, so that it can be repeated and also replicated in other seas and on other shorelines.

ECG is in an excellent position to help share best practices throughout the world, with its experience in interactive e-learning. This is truly the key to faster learning, said Mr. Braun.

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Contact: Earth Council Geneva, Tel.: +41-22-320-21-21, E-Mail:, Internet: