KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany, February 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Empolis, an Attensity(TM) Group company and the leading provider of semantic applications for unstructured data, is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in the software vendor category.

Through the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner program, Microsoft promotes and supports companies that have demonstrated tested quality and expertise in developing software related to the Microsoft ecosystem. Partners at this level of the program work together closely with Microsoft, as well as participating in projects initiated in cooperation with Microsoft. This certification is recognized in the industry as evidence of high quality in the areas of technology, expertise and reliability.

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner is the highest status conferred by Microsoft. It underscores the technological links between the products of Empolis and Microsoft, while also documenting the fact that Empolis has successfully and certifiably introduced Microsoft technologies into its operations and customer implementations. Today, Empolis customers are able to seamlessly leverage content created in Microsoft products in the service, research and discovery and analytics business processes.

Criteria for awarding this status include not only customer satisfaction and particularly noteworthy projects, but also the certification of employees in relevant subject areas. This ensures that customers in every sphere benefit from the highest possible level of expertise as they implement their projects using both Empolis and Microsoft products.

We are very pleased to have been named a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. This clearly confirms that our projects provide optimal support for Microsoft software, and reflects Microsoft's recognition of Empolis as a highly qualified and competent partner, said Empolis General Manager Dr. Stefan Wess.

About Empolis

Empolis, an Attensity Group Company, provides an integrated suite of business applications that analyze, interpret and automate the exploding volume of unstructured data. Business leaders, knowledge management professionals, customer support personnel and customers receive current knowledge and get relevant and actionable answers - fast.

Empolis is the provider of intelligent information management applications for companies and organizations who have recognized the great value for their company. Information in all varieties of formats and from any source are automatically transformed into valuable knowledge and delivered in real-time to the decision-maker. Information is converted into real knowledge capital and business processes are optimized.

Countless notable national and international enterprises (such as Airbus, BBC Monitoring, Bosch, Datev, European Patent Office, Nokia Siemens Networks, Siemens, Versatel and Vodafone), as well as public organizations rely upon Empolis applications and our 20+ year experience in a wide range of industries and process know-how. Internationally, more than 220,000 registered business leaders and users utilize applications from the Attensity Group.


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SOURCE: Empolis GmbH

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