KAISERSLAUTERN and KARLSRUHE, Germany and PALO ALTO, California, April 29, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Following a decision by the Living-e AG general shareholder's meeting regarding a transfer of the remaining minority shareholders' shares in return for a cash compensation which was taken on February 15, 2010 and entered in the commercial register, Attensity Group now holds 100 percent of shares in Living-e AG. As part of the merger, Living-e AG will be fully integrated with Empolis GmbH, which in line with the shareholders' decision on April 21, 2010, has been renamed Attensity Europe GmbH.

Living-e AG and Empolis GmbH had merged with Attensity Corp. of Palo Alto (USA) in April of 2009 to form Attensity Group. The group of companies is now completing the last step in its integration with the common worldwide presence under the Attensity brand. Attensity Europe GmbH will nonetheless continue to operate as a legally independent German limited liability company.

We've cooperated closely in the past few months to implement a successful merger, and we can say with pride that the combined company is stronger today than ever before, said Guido Polko, CEO of Living-e AG and Chief Strategy and Integration Officer of Attensity Group.

In recent months, the software solutions and services of the participating partner companies were integrated as part of the merger. Dr. Stefan Wess, General Manager of Attensity Europe GmbH, explained: We've already profited greatly from our merger. Our ability to act as a single source offering combined products and technologies from leading specialists in the fields of text analysis, knowledge management, multi-channel communications and information management solutions has been very well received by European markets. The signs continue to point to growth.

Ian Bonner, CEO of Attensity Group: Our presence under a common umbrella brand increases our impact in worldwide markets. We're creating new shareholder value through synergies, complementary technologies and regional market presences around the globe. We offer our customers an integrated portfolio of software applications based on semantic technologies, which they can use to optimize their business processes.

Attensity announced yesterday, April 28, 2010 that it acquired Biz360, the leader in social media intelligence. More information about that acquisition can be found here: http://www.attensity.com.

About Attensity Group

Attensity Group provides software applications based on Web 3.0 semantic technologies to find, understand, and use information trapped in unstructured text to drive critical decision-making. The comprehensive suite of applications address collective intelligence in social media and forums; the voice of the customer in surveys and emails; customer response management; e-services; research and discovery; risk and compliance; and intelligence analysis. With more than 500 installations worldwide, Attensity Group's award-winning software is used by large government agencies and such innovative enterprises as Airbus, Charles Schwab, Bosch, JetBlue, Royal Bank of Canada, Travelocity and Vodafone. Organizations are better able to track trends, identify patterns, detect anomalies, reduce threats, and seize opportunities to improve customer satisfaction and retention. The Service Support Professionals Association (SSPA) has honored Attensity Group with its Recognized Innovator Award. Attensity Group operates in the EMEA region as Attensity Europe GmbH. More information is at http://blog.attensity.com, http://twitter.com/attensity and http://www.facebook.com/attensity.

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CONTACT: Press Contacts Attensity Europe GmbH: Martina Tomaschowski,Attensity Europe GmbH, Europaallee 10, 67657 Kaiserslautern, Germany, Phone+49-631-303-5503, Mobile +49-170-233-7849, Email:martina.tomaschowski@attensity.com; Thomas Huber, semanticom GmbH, Unterden Linden 21, 10117 Berlin, Germany, Phone +49-30-74-69-73-97, Mobile:+49-151-14-96-58-10, Email: Thomas.Huber@semanticom.eu