PORTON DOWN, England, July 16 --

Enigma Diagnostics Limited, the decentralized and point-of-care molecular
diagnostics company, announced today that it has signed two patent license
agreements with Roche Molecular Systems, Inc. (RMS).

The licenses signed on 15 July 2009, provide Enigma full access under patents
owned or licensed by RMS and its affiliates to practice HybProbe real-time PCR
chemistry and melt analysis and will allow Enigma to commercialize HybProbe PCR
tests for human and veterinary in vitro diagnostics on a worldwide basis. The
two licenses with RMS complement Enigma’s existing patent portfolio as
well as intellectual property licensed by Celera Diagnostics for real-time PCR
thermal cyclers.

Enigma is currently developing a series of highly multiplexed, HybProbe assays
for its infectious disease programs including pandemic and seasonal influenza,
chlamydia and MRSA. These tests will be combined with Enigma’s
revolutionary fully automated real-time PCR system, the Enigma ML
(mini-laboratory), enabling fast and accurate ’test and treat’
molecular diagnostics at point-of-care.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

About Enigma Diagnostics Limited

Enigma Diagnostics Limited specialises in developing next generation rapid
molecular diagnostic instrument platforms for decentralised and point-of-care

Enigma’s innovative and proprietary technology combines the speed and
sensitivity of real-time PCR (polymerase chain reaction) with the simplicity
needed for decentralized and point-of-care testing providing results from a raw
sample in less than 60 minutes. The Company is targeting a number of
multi-billion pound markets, core among which are the Clinical and high-value
Applied Markets. Enigma’s commercialization strategy is to maximize
revenues from a continuous flow of market leading rapid diagnostic point-of care
instrument and assay platforms, based on unique technologies and underpinned by
its broad Intellectual Property portfolio. Enigma will partner with market
leaders where global penetration of markets is required and where appropriate,
will engage regional partners and build in-house sales and marketing capability
to direct distribution of its products.

Enigma has an exclusive license from the Defence Science Technology Laboratory
to a portfolio of patents, which represent over 15 years of UK Ministry of
Defence funded Research. It also has licenses from Applied Biosystems and Celera
Diagnostics for commercialization of real-time PCR instruments. Enigma’s
RD activities have generated a portfolio of over 50 plus worldwide patent
families dedicated to real-time PCR and wider molecular technologies. Many of
these patents are granted across a range of core commercial territories
including US, EU and Japan with more extensive filing and grants across a number
of other key territories.

For more information visit www.enigmadiagnostics.com

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SOURCE: Enigma Diagnostics Limited

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