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The Foundation for Research in Osteoporosis and Bone Disease (FROMO) announced the recipients of the 2009 Fellowship in Renal Physiology and Pathophysiology: Andreas Kistler, MD, PhD, Clinical Fellow at the Division of Nephrology of the University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland and Sara Damiano, PhD student in Nephrological Sciences at the Second University of Naples, Italy. The biotechnology company Amgen offered this educational grant to FROMO which is a Foundation based in Geneva to support research and teaching in the field of bone disease, in particular renal osteodystrophy which affects patients with severe renal insufficiency.

The one-year Fellowship was announced in Geneva on June 26 during the 2nd European Masterclass in Renal Physiology and Pathophysiology for the Clinician by the Chairman of its executive committee, Prof. Philippe Jaeger (UK).

Through the Fellowship we intend to develop the understanding of renal diseases, one of the most difficult specialties of internal medicine, commented Prof. Pierre-Yves Martin, Head of the Division of Nephrology at the Department of Internal Medicine of the University Hospital Geneva. The severe disturbances of bone metabolism encountered in so many diseases of the kidney, so-called renal osteodystrophy, illustrate the need for clinical nephrologists to better understand skeletal physiology as well, added Prof. Rene Rizzoli, Chairman of the Division of Bone Diseases at the University Hospital Geneva and President of FROMO.

Andreas Kistler will study the mechanisms leading to injury of a specific part of the kidney called the glomeruli: his project is to better understand the pathways which lead to proteinuria, a characteristic sign and a prognostic factor in most progressive glomerular diseases that eventually lead to renal failure. This work will be carried out at the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine, USA.

Sara Damiano will study in vivo the transport of sodium and potassium along the least accessible segment of the renal tubule, so-called loop of Henle, an extremely ambitious approach which can be performed in only few laboratories in the world: she will carry out these experiments in London, UK. This work is of particular relevance for the understanding of the mechanisms governing hypertensive diseases.

Amgen is committed to advancing nephrology research and, in collaboration with physicians and other medical experts, seeks to better understand important aspects of renal disease to ultimately help these patients experience a better quality of life and, if possible, live longer, said Dr Bart Molemans, International Development, Nephrology General Medicine, Executive Medical Director, Amgen. We are delighted to partner with FROMO to show our support for research into nephrology and internal medicine, and would like to congratulate Andreas Kistler and Sara Damiano.

The Fellowship was judged by an eminent panel composed of the Scientific Committee of the European Masterclass in Renal Physiology Pathophysiology for the Clinician which comprised Tilman Drueke, France (Chair); D. Bichet, Canada; O. Devuyst, Belgium; M. Halperin, Canada; P. Houillier, France; F. Luft, Germany; C. Wilcox, USA; and R. Zietse, The Netherlands. The winners were selected from nine extremely high quality research project outlines submitted by the next generation of academic experts in nephrology from Europe. The judging panel based its decision on scientific quality and feasibility as well as the potential of the candidate, stated Professor Drueke.

The 2nd European Masterclass in Renal Physiology and Pathophysiology for the Clinician was held at the Forum Credit Suisse of Geneva from June 25 to 27, 2009. The meeting brought together one hundred nephrologists selected as the next generation of academic renal physicians from across Europe. It highlighted the significance of renal physiology in medicine and its application at the bedside. Renal physiology is an essential part of the education of a clinical nephrologist, in particular those who ultimately will impart their knowledge to junior doctors in training. The Masterclass was jointly organized by the Centre for Nephrology and the Department of Physiology at the University College of London (Hampstead Campus) as well as the Division of Bone Diseases at the University Hospital of Geneva; it involved an international faculty panel comprising 23 Professors of Medicine, Nephrology and Physiology of high scientific and didactic expertise. The project was supported by an educational grant from Amgen.

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