NEW YORK, June 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Globalpark ( ), a leading provider of panel, community and survey software, today launches the latest version of its Enterprise Feedback Suite (EFS). EFS 7.0 ( ) enables researchers to turn research panels into communities, and includes enhanced performance, engagement and quality features. This new version will enable organizations to gain greater insight into customers, employees and partners, to drive new product innovation and extend loyalty, revenue and reach.

New community features; improved respondent engagement

In response to market trends, Globalpark has added new community features that allow organizations to interact and engage with customers more effectively. For example, participants can post blogs, share videos, participate in discussion forums, and rate other members. These new community features turn a traditional research panel into a perfect platform for online ethnography and collaborative product innovation. Other enhancements further increase engagement across demographics, including: integrated SMS abilities, dynamic Flash questionnaires, and accommodations for visually impaired participants.

Continuing Globalpark's commitment to quality

With this release, Globalpark further extends its reputation for quality. To give users increased confidence in the accuracy of their data, a number of quality assurance features have been added, including: automated duplicates checking, panel tracking to ensure ISO compliance, and on-demand integration with RelevantID, the market leader in digital watermarking and fingerprinting techniques, to ensure your respondents are who they say they are.

Improved efficiency and scalability

Another goal of EFS 7.0 was to make life easier for users. Numerous time-consuming procedures have been improved or automated. For example, new copy, import and export functions are 8-times faster, and the message set is now available in 29 languages for multilingual surveys. Scalability has been improved to allow an almost limitless amount of variables per survey, without having to split them into several projects. Other improvements include an increased amount of master data per installation, and notably better performance for panels with hundreds-of-thousands of members.

We are excited by this latest release, said Conny Pfeiffer, Director Project Management from ODC Services GmbH, the online data collection company that runs EFS 7.0 will help us keep our panel members engaged, by further integrating with mobile devices and enabling surveytainment. Additionally, we will be in a better position to serve our clients, who want to explore community activities within research for added insight.

Lorenz Graef, CEO of Globalpark said, The launch of the new EFS 7.0 platform displays Globalpark's commitment to innovation and underscores the company's position as a leading provider of online research software. We have worked closely with our customer base to bring this latest release to market and we are confident that Enterprise Feedback Suite is the best vehicle for organizations of all sizes to gain real-time insight into what matters across their businesses.

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About Globalpark

Globalpark provides panel, community and survey software that enables organizations to manage what matters across the enterprise. By capturing feedback and tracking behavior of customers, employees and partners, they gain insights that drive better business decisions. By identifying and empowering influential advocates, they build reputation and extend reach.

Founded in 1999, Globalpark software is German-engineered and globally-tested by leading brands and top market research institutes, including: Continental, Daimler, General Mills, GfK, IDC, Nintendo, SonyBMG, TNS, Warner Music and Wrigley. Globalpark is staffed by renowned research pioneers, with across the US, UK, Germany and Austria. For further information,

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