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- Acision Flexible Charger and Acision Location Gateway Deployed to Substantially Increase Usage of Voice Service

Acision, the world's leading messaging company, and Globe Telecom, a leading telecommunications company in the Philippines, have launched the world's first fully convergent solution that works across both fixed and mobile networks for post-paid subscribers. Enabled by Acision's innovative real-time, location-based charging solutions, Acision Flexible Charger and Acision Location Gateway, the service is designed to boost network traffic, primarily voice, by offering free calls within a set city zone. This new breakthrough service is branded Duo - Mobile and Landline in One by Globe Telecom.

Acision Flexible Charger and Acision Location Gateway enable Globe Telecom to offer its post-paid mobile and fixed-line subscribers free voice calls when the calls originate within a pre-defined geographical zone. Duo - Mobile and Landline in One is a subscription-based service, which offers unlimited calls for those who benefit from the service. Calls are unlimited from a mobile to landline and vice-versa as long as the mobile is subscribed to Duo. In addition, unlimited mobile to mobile calls are possible if both are subscribed to the Duo service. Globe Telecom has rolled out the service across National Capital Region (NCR) and Cebu for post-paid subscribers.

Ernest L. Cu, President and CEO of Globe Telecom said, We are excited to offer the public another pioneering service from Globe. Duo is the ultimate unlimited call service that allows both landline and mobile calls through one SIM on a mobile phone to provide subscribers with the utmost convenience. Globe has always been at the forefront of service innovation to deliver superior value and the best mobile experience for consumers.

He added, Globe Telecom has relied upon Acision's messaging infrastructure since 1999 to drive messaging revenues, which represent a large part of our overall revenues. Based on our longstanding business relationship and Acision's track record in product innovation, Globe worked with Acision for a charging solution that will secure greater revenues from voice.

Rory Buckley, Chief Executive of Acision, commented: Bundles have many benefits, not least, the consumer perception that they are good value for money. From Globe Telecom's perspective, fixed-mobile convergence bundles mean early revenue capture, increased service revenues and improved customer loyalty. The Duo service powered by Acision Flexible Charger is designed to entice consumers to increase usage of a service that is generally considered low ARPU. Acision Location Gateway enables location-based billing, enabling mobile operators to grow revenues by addressing the fixed network market without cannibalizing their mobile premium.


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