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Your little one's independence is growing day by day and she's starting to become more restless during nappy changes and wilful at bedtime. When she's not a baby anymore, but not a toddler yet either, what is she? She's a Boddler(TM)!

Coined by Pampers Easy Up Pants - 'Boddler' is now officially recognised as the transitional stage in your child's development from a baby to a toddler.

To help settle your little Boddler at night Pampers Easy Up Pants has teamed up with sleep expert Luci Wiggs to create the '3 Bs' of your Boddler's bedtime routine - Bath, Book and Bed.

These top tips will help take your Boddler from day to night - as the 12-hour absorbency of Pampers Easy Up Pants means that not only can your Boddler have the independence to pull their nappy up and down during the day, you don't need to trigger a tantrum by reverting to 'baby' nappies at bedtime as she'll stay dry all day and all through the night.

"To get your Boddler into a good bedtime routine, just follow these simple '3 Bs' - give her a warm bath, read a book together - ideally in her room with the lights down low, before snuggling her down in her own bed to sleep," says Luci Wiggs.

"Boddlers are always on the go and easily overexcited, so they thrive on routine. A bedtime routine, which is the same every night, will help teach your child the difference between night and day, provide her with a series of clear sleep prompts and make it easier for you to settle her in the evening. A bath, book, and instilling enjoyment in her own bed are all great ways to help get your Boddler to sleep - and will give you free evenings too!"

Pampers Easy Up Pants are sold alongside other Pampers products in supermarkets and pharmacies. Pampers Easy Up Pants are available in three sizes (Maxi, Junior and Extra Large) and two pack sizes (Carry Pack and Economy Pack). Carry packs cost around GBP5.99 and Economy Packs cost around GBP8.99.

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