Michael Knowles said at CPAC and I quote “Transgenderism must be eradicated from public life entirely”.  He would claim that he means to get people to not engage in the ideology in public.  The thing is what do you do with all of the people who are transgender and what will they and their supporters do back?  There is a base of solid and settled science that says why people are transgender, that it is rooted in neurology and biology.  Transwomen are males XY who due to various genetic, and hormonal reasons are neurologically feminized in key regions of the brain.  Transmen are females XX who due to similar biological reasons are masculinized in key areas of the brain.  This is very similar but not identical to what makes people gay.  In short as Jazz Jennings once said at seven a girl brain in a boy body.   Gender is a fact and it lives in our brains not our pants that's sex. 

Suppose transgender people don’t care if you “indulge” us? What if we are what we are and we refuse to stop?  By logical implication that would mean Michael Knowles is calling for anything from imprisonment to "eradication" of such people.  

What is the final solution, Michael Knowles? 

Prison?  Forced application of hormones that you consider to be correct?  Torture?  What else is Michael Knowles?  There can be no middle way in “dealing with transgenderism”.  So what do you do with people who say as this totally not woke transgender woman, Blaire White says? 


What do you do with people like her?  Blaire is more or less ideologically on your side.  She is Libertarian Right. To make her stop being trans against her will would mean violence done to her.  She is not by any means the first or only transgender woman or transgender man to make sure to have a means of sense defense.   What is your solution for people like her? 

What about the happy, healthily post op and finally settled and comfortable people who are trans who would not want to, could not, ever “go back”.   What about the fact that people on your side hate even more people who are gender non-conforming but don’t medicalize like most non binary people or “feminine males”?  We know they have to dress like you, talk like you, and act like you or else?  If Jeffery Starr doesn’t want to grow a Matt Walsh beard what they?  Would you try to make transmen like Buck Angel live as feminine women or else?   What if he can't and won't and wouldn't want to? 

What is your final solution for those who will not go quietly?  

What about someone like me?  I am a theoretical astrophysicist.  The last time a right wing government took to persecuting minorities they experienced a key brain drain as people left for greener pastures.  Things didn’t work out for them.

So, what is your final solution Mr. Knowles?  If you wish to threaten legal action, tell me what you would want to have done with / to transgender people who do not stop being transgender in public no matter what?  The basic logical implication of what you are saying is that you want to eliminate a group of people based on their way of living and beliefs.  Even though there is a base of solid and settled science that says why people are transgender, that it is rooted in neurology and biology, even if it was just a spiritual belief, this is something American governments protect.  

There is only one good answer.  You'd have to pledge that you mean leaving transgender people alone to live on this Earth in public as out transgender people, to be a human being, respected as a human being, to be given the rights of a human being, in this society, on this Earth as transgender people.   There is no middle way on human rights.  People either have them or they do not. 

The "right and custom" to oppress, harass, and discriminate are not any rights at all. Not in this century, not on this continent. 

Listen to this presentation by TIK History a youtube channel by a man who is NOT leftwing, socialist, woke or whatever.  Listen and compare what is here to what presaged human tragedy in the past. 

A Call to Peaceful Action

Before things go too far the following steps need to be taken. 

The laws being proposed and passed in these other state legislatures are of such scope that they would affect the rights of people in other states who engage in interstate commerce.  As such there could be legal grounds for states that claim to oppose these actions to sue at the supreme court.  In the same manner as Texas V Pennsylvania in 2020.  That case was not heard but it is worth a shot.

Second economic actions like those taken in 2016 or there about in response to the North Carolina Bathroom Bill.  The states in blue on the above map command most of the population and economy of the United States.    While there are no real blue or red states even Republicans in such states are not likely to be in favor of the talk out of CPAC.

Third congress needs to act.  The house is controlled by Republicans.  However, they are answerable to the people in their states and not every republican comes from a ruby red district in a crimson red state.  Furthermore even if a lot of them do this kind of talk is not becoming here in America and has to be answered by the federal government to preserve the union. 

Congress should adopt the WPATH standards of care as a set of agreeable legal limits on transgender care.  No hormones before age 14 with parents consent no surgery before age 18 (and the same procedures should be banned for cisgender people before age 18 as well.)  This would protect the children.  This should be paired with passing a stronger non discrimination law that ensures the federal rights of transgender adults and the parents of transgender children.

Also consider adopting some form of a 21st century bill of rights.  Leaving these questions to courts is not a lasting solution for freedom and balance in society. 

 Our leaders need to send a clear message that there will be no “elimination” of any people groups, however they are defined, in this day and age.

I call upon the governors of the states in the Reproductive Freedom Alliance by name.  I hopes that when their names are searched this call to action will come up.  California Governor Gavin Newsom,  Colorado Governor Jared Polis, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont, Delaware Governor John Carney, Hawai’i Governor Josh Green, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker, Maine Governor Janet Mills, Maryland Governor Wes Moore, Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, New York Governor Kathy Hochul, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, Oregon Governor Tina Kotek , Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro, Rhode Island Governor Daniel McKee, Washington Governor Jay Inslee, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers 

As the country has sectionalized given the red and blue states of 2020 and the states that are not going down the path of being anti transgender we have the power. We have the economy.  We have the industry.  The most powerful states in the red section are TX who's power grid is unreliable, and Florida which suffers from being Florida.  The states in blue on this map are almost all paying more to the federal government than we get back.  The red states depend on the federal government (except perhaps Texas).  Note This is even if I give GA to the Republicans.  This is their best case scenario.    

Republican politicians hearing this.  As much as you may not like transgender people or "transgenderism" clearly you can see this kind of message is just not working.  On a level of Realpolitik appealing to working class kitchen table issues is what works.  It was that appeal  to economics that got Trump elected.  Many good decent Republicans in the Rural counties of red states are not going to be down for some genocide.   Give them a choice to not go along with that and preserve your party, and the republic.  Be like Lincoln. 

Take up the cause now or else we will have a major conflagration over LGBT and reproductive rights in the near future.

If you do not.  If the worst case happens.   I point out the same basic dynamics between North and South that existed in the 1850's exist right now.   The red states are so sure they are rougher, tougher, more manly.  Even in the 1860's war is about industry and teamwork.    War is not just a million fist fights.