Fascism is a term that has been used to a point of near meaninglessness in the United States of America. The left tortured the meaning of it to apply it to George Bush to such a degree that its new meaning would also apply to Barrack Obama. This leaves us without a word for what Ron DeSantis is. To call him a Trumpist is to miss that he wants to be more than what Trump is but with half the wit (so 1/4 of the usual wit) and none of the smarts. (At least Trump understands vaccines).

DeSantis’s party seeks to control education in the state and have any books that don’t meet his orthodoxy pulled from the shelves. That was just about CRT and indoctrination of kids into being transgender and woke ideology, they said.

His party in Florida seeks to make all bloggers who write about Florida Government and the governor DeSantis register with the state,  and to eliminate the Democratic party.  Saying it’s because the Democrats supported slavery. It is worded to apply to any party that ever supported slavery. “Ever” the Republicans ran early on on limiting slavery but support it being where it was. So that would apply to them too. Of course we know that’s not how it will work.

His party now seeks to make anyone who blogs about him register with the state.This is such a serious yet comical proposal that I can only think to treat it with no seriousness at all. These are bills so bad that the Federal government is going to have to kick some doors in Florida to reimpose the rule of our constitutional law.

As a matter of principle every blogger should write about Ron DeSantis.  

Things with real substance would be best but he and his party are acting as totalitarian as the Chinese Communist Party.  In the United States of America seeing to disband the opposition party should be grounds for a civil rights investigation into any legislator that would even propose such a thing.  To do that would violate the rights of millions and millions of people.  

At worst "the left" only ever passed laws that sought to protect various minorities from harassment and bullying. As a scientist, a "nerd", I know that there are people who think it is their right to harass and bully.  What such people hate is pushback.  

Therefore in the proud tradition of political humor in the United States going back to James Callendar who was charged with sedition for exposing things that John Adams didn't like.... then exposed the affair of Thomas Jefferson with Sally Hemings.   

Of all the damsels on the green,
    On mountain, or in valley,
A lass so luscious ne’er was seen
    As Monticellian Sally.
        Yankee doodle, who’s the noodle?
            What wife were half so handy?
        To breed a flock, of slaves for stock,
            A blackamoor’s the dandy. (Source)

My attempts at short dirty but SFW limerick about Ron DeSantis and Florida Republican politicians in general. 

Title:Whistle White You Work

“Whistle while you work!
DeSantis is a jerk!
Trump in a bikini bit his weenie
Now it doesn’t work”

Title: DeSanctamonious

Ron DeSanctamonious most malodorous what have you done today?
I screeched and howled like a British Owl sent my way.
I banned children’s books, because of their looks so you would look away.
Then took your rights to say:I should not be governor of Florida for another day.

This one I call "Floriduhicans".  The Republicans of that state have gone so far that it gets to a point  where their proposals would violate the rights of so many if enacted that the federal government would have to act. 

Republicans of Florida, Floriduhicans!
We are so popular, ever so popular no others can ever win!
Republicans of Florida, Floriduhicans!
We can ban words, and re write history you turds, no others can ever win! Floriduhicans! 
So popular no other party can exist.

What’s next will Florida want to filter the internet from out of state just to be sure nothing they don’t want can be found on their internet?   A Great firewall of Florida just like in the PRC?   Why not?  Lets make that happen by writing about Ron DeSantis.  

UPDATE: As stated in Reason. 

"Every person in the legislature can file bills, right?" said DeSantis during a Tuesday press conference. "I see these people filing bills and there's articles with my face on the article saying that 'oh, bloggers are going to have to register [with] the state,' and it's attributing it to me. And I'm like, okay, that's not anything I've ever supported, I don't support [it]."

My personal reaction to this is that DeSantis tested the waters or had a legislator do so and saw that there are limits to what even his supporters will go for.  Much like the Michael Knowles issue.  There are people who perhaps ideologically support him but are not ready to swear the Seigfried Oath to support Ron Elizabeth Desantis. 

There is some reason to think this in Reasons report

While opposing Brodeur's bill, DeSantis has supported a series of speech-stifling bills in recent months, including a bill directly aimed at making it easier for public figures to pursue defamation claims against journalists.