According to the conspiracy theory all the authorities from Loudon County school the prosecutor and the police are so pro transgender that they would cover up a rape. Let me point out a few things that are inconsistent with this. Bear in mind I am not saying that no one was assaulted only that how this event is being used right now seems at odds with reality. Covering up a crime would cost a career, freedom, and lots of money in a lawsuit. Referring to the transgender girl / gender fluid male as just that would cost nothing. So they refer to the transgender girl as a boy and a male, no hint of respect for a gender identity but are so down for the transgender cause they'll cover up a rape?  That does not add up. In fact they reported the allegation the day it was made to the police who investigated.  Charges have been filed and facts will come out in court.  Not all allegations are true people are innocent until proven guilty. 

I write a lot here about media misinterpreting or misunderstanding scientific issues and feel a need to express that same extends to anything that is just a political hot potato. Anything relating to transgender people is in the current climate Especially that now anything and everything is a conspiracy rather than the result of incompetence or the normal workings of government as in this case.

Now this could be a situation like the Wi Spa case (remember that one). This is the backdrop on which the Loudon story unfolds in the culture war. Which turned out to be a Darren Merger a “transgender woman” who has taken few to no medical steps … who drove from Riverside CA to Korea town in Los Angeles, about 40 km to go to a fully nude spa.

Something which sparked violent protest outside and speculations on who was the perpetrator.

Some including me were skeptical if this case was all it appeared. Leaving aside everyone there was at a spa which by policy requires everyone to be fully nude in certain sex segregated spaces … let’s not say nothing happened. If Darren Merger did anything more than exist in that space then she should face charges. If on the other hand that is a case of a transwoman being nude in a space known to accept transwomen, and insisting on nudity one has to ask… why go there if you don’t want to see that? Any prosecution is going to have to present evidence of something more.

Supposedly, the authorities will cover up a sexual assault for a trans kid but not use the right gender.

The supposedly super pro transgender authorities all refer to the perpetrator, the trans girl / “boy in a skirt” as being “a boy”. This is in many sources where the “George Soros” backed prosecutor, or super intendent, or other authorities refer to the student as being a male. The same as the parent who alleges this was the reason he was disorderly in a school board meeting. Clearly this man believes what he is saying. Clearly they are talking about the same person.

So we are to believe that they would call a trans girl a boy but also cover up a forcible rape.

The accused is a minor and by VA law these things are not made public.

Reading the story it seems that the reason this was not made bigger news of wasn’t as a cover up. Indeed, the school authorities reported the incident to the police and legal proceedings are underway in juvenile court. The accused boy was arrested in July and supposedly committed another act while on electronic monitoring. Juvenile records are kept confidential in VA, both the perpetrator and the victims names are kept private. So, this is not so much a cover up as the normal function of the juvenile justice system in Virginia.

A cover up would be if nothing at all was done.

Thick Fog Of War In Loudon County, The Kandahar Of Our Culture War.

To me this sounds like a person who needs to be locked up or perhaps at a school with closer supervision.

That is if any of this is true.

Being transgender has become such a hot potato, political football, culture war issue that to be transgender in that place could be extremely dangerous. They would be liable to be accused of all manner of wrong doing for no reason, as a scapegoat.

Is this person transgender maybe, maybe not. We have not the facts to know. What is a fact however is that Loudon VA has been a hot zone in the culture war. From the Tanner Cross issue in which at the time it was reported that no one knew of any transgender kid even existing in Loudon County schools. Then there is the Critical Race Theory issue which has been really heated there.

Then there is the fact all of this is an issue in the Virginia Governor’s race somehow. Which leads me to strongly suspect that this is at least in part being used as an “October Surprise” for that election.

This is not to say nothing happened. Only to say that the transgender aspect of this seems to only come from people who have a certain agenda. Anyone with a pro-trans agenda to the point of covering up a serious crime would not have an issue with linguistically gendering them as female. In the Kandahar of the 2021 culture war there is so much that is questionable here that I reserve judgement and so should you.

This could be a real case of a transgender person who did wrong and should pay for it.
This could be a false case based on little to no actual substance when it goes to trial.

This is somewhere in between. There is something to it but like the Wi Spa issue it is not what anyone thinks it is and it will surprise everyone.  Which leads to a particularly important point.  In a free society we don't restrict the rights of a whole group of people because some small percentage of the members of the group commit crimes.  If we did no one on Wall Street would be allowed to have a bank account, no black male could bear arms, no southern male could buy bedsheets, and wed use the tiny number of women who have killed their children as an excuse to remove all children from their parents.  

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