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- YouTube Display Ads Reached 18 Million People in the U.K. During the Month

comScore, Inc. (Nasdaq: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today
released data from the comScore Video Metrix service, indicating that the total
number of videos viewed online in the U.K. in April 2009 grew 47 percent versus
year ago to 4.7 billion videos. The report also found that 21.8 million U.K.
Internet users viewed a total of 971 million online display ads on multimedia
sites during the month, based on data from comScore Ad Metrix, a recently
introduced service in the U.K. providing competitive intelligence on online
display advertising.


Google Sites Leads U.K. in Online Video Viewership

Google Sites ranked as the top U.K. online video property in April with 2.4
billion videos viewed, an increase of 58 percent versus year ago, driven by the
popularity of, which accounted for 99 percent of all videos viewed
on the property. BBC Sites ranked second with 79 million videos viewed, followed
by ITV Sites (34.7 million videos), (31.7 million videos), and
Microsoft Sites (30.2 million videos). Each of the top ten video properties
experienced double-digit growth during the past year, while several saw their
number of videos viewed multiply by a factor of two or three.

Top U.K. Online Video Properties Ranked by Total Videos Viewed (000)* April 2009
vs. April 2008 Total U.K. - Age 15+, Home Work Locations** Source: comScore
Video Metrix Property Apr-2008 Apr-2009 % Change Total Internet : Total Audience
3,178,930 4,659,215 47% Google Sites 1,532,531 2,415,292 58% BBC Sites 47,495
79,416 67% ITV Sites 17,191 34,723 102% 10,298 31,743 208%
Microsoft Sites 23,907 30,205 26% Channel4 12,256 20,434 67%
11,143 20,155 81% AOL LLC*** 2,615 19,135 632% Fox Interactive Media N/A 18,919
N/A 5,148 17,028 231% * Rankings based on video content sites;
excludes video server networks. Online video includes both streaming and
progressive download video. ** Excludes Internet activity from public computers
such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs. *** Now includes
Bebo traffic.

With nearly five billion videos viewed in the U.K. in April, online video is a
powerful and growing vehicle for online advertising placement, said Mike Read,
SVP and managing director, comScore Europe. The online video market currently
relies heavily on display ads for monetization, and in the coming months and
years we can expect that video ads will play an even more prominent role.
Despite the market's overwhelming size and audience at this phase of the growth
curve, it is also clear that we're still in the early stages of advertising
optimization and effectiveness in this increasingly important entertainment

18 Million People Were Exposed to a Display Advertisement on YouTube in April

Of the 36.8 million U.K. Internet users in April, 35.4 million (96 percent) were
exposed to some form of display advertising, which includes static banners, rich
media, and video ads. delivered display ads to the most people in
the multimedia category, with 18.5 million visitors viewing a total of 621
million display ads. Metacafe ranked second with 1.6 million ad-exposed
visitors, followed by WindowsMedia (1.2 million ad-exposed visitors) and MySpace
Video (1 million ad-exposed visitors).

Top U.K. Multimedia Display Ad Publishers Ranked by Total Display Advertising
Exposed Unique Visitors (000)* April 2009 Total U.K. - Age 15+, Home Work
Locations* Source: comScore Ad Metrix Total Display Advertising Exposed Property
Ad Views (MM) Unique Visitors (000) Total Internet : Total Audience 58,105
35,350 Multimedia 971 21,825 621 18,492 Metacafe 11 1,609
WindowsMedia 3 1,201 MySpace Video 4 1,002 19 916 9
909 7 740 2 585 8 429 1 286
* Reflects display advertising only, both standard and non-standard IAB sizes;
excludes house ads and small ads (2,500 pixels in dimension).

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