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- EFM Enabled Multiservice Router for Business Market

OneAccess Networks, a leader in multi service access routers, today announced that Elion, the largest Telecommunication and IT Provider in Estonia, has selected OneAccess as their CPE supplier for all new business customers on its SHDSL services. OneAccess will supply Elion with the ONE20D, its carrier grade SHDSLbis enabled multiservice access router.

The ONE20D features SHDSL.bis EFM technology with advanced router functionality. The simultaneous support for ATM and EFM based access networks allows for the smooth and non-disruptive migration from traditional ATM-based access networks to EFM.

Combining a carrier-grade router with EFM technology, the ONE20D conveniently replaces Elion's traditional two-box solution (comprising an SHDSL EFM NTU with a separate router) with a powerful all-in-one solution. The unified platform enables Elion to improve its service management and achieve lower operational costs.

Alan Brazier, Chief Strategy Officer at OneAccess says: We are delighted that Elion's business customers will benefit from their SHDSL.bis services, based on the One20D multi-service access router.

OneAccess, through its focus on delivering products which enable services innovation, differentiation and network migration, provides significant advantages to Service Providers over 'general purpose' routers. We look forward to working closely with Elion to help them realise these benefits and serve their Enterprise market.

The OneAccess SHDSL EFM products play a multi-dimensional role in the carrier's strategy by enabling the migration of the transport network to Metro Ethernet technology, as well as the introduction of IP services such as routing, IP VPN, as well as VoIP capabilities, says Alan Brazier.

Margus Kurm, Product Development Manager at Elion says: The ONE20D is a reliable, high performance multiservice platform. It embraces the shift in access network technology and offers all the capabilities of legacy ATM, but with the added functionality of EFM technology. As the configuration of the OneAccess routers is based on an industry standard CLI, it was very easy to get started. One of the first field applications was the deployment of a WiFi access network via G.SHDSLbis on the FIS Cross-Country World Cup event in Otepää (Estonia), which also convinced us of the reactiveness and the accessibility of OneAccess' technical support team.

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