GAITHERSBURG, Maryland. and BERN, Switzerland, September 30 /PRNewswire/ --

- The high-precision clock in SmartNode(TM) digital VoIP IADs preserves DECT, PBX, and FAX functionality when converting ISDN telephony systems to Voice-over-IP.

- SmartNode(TM) VoIP...more than just talk.

Patton -- the leader in business-class network access, connectivity, and VoIP equipment -- together with Patton-Inalp Networks AG -- creator of SmartNode(TM) industry-leading VoIP technology -- announces new BRI and PRI VoIP product lines that ensure seamless inter-operation with Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) and PBX systems.

Patton's SmartNode(TM) 4961 PRI and SmartNode(TM) 4635/9 BRI VoIP IADs feature a high-precision clock that eliminates interoperability failures with DECT, PBX and FAX equipment when converting ISDN systems to IP telephony. Patton's new VoIP products ensure existing systems will operate transparently and function successfully in the VoIP network.

"Transparency is critical," said John Wu, VoIP product manager, "when transitioning to VoIP services from the digital PSTN. The ISDN market demands transparent operation, yet most VoIP manufacturers don't understand how to deliver it. It took Patton's engineering and VoIP technology expertise to solve the mystery. SmartNode(TM) is the only standalone VoIP CPE solution that delivers true transparency in ISDN environments."

DECT, PBX, and FAX interoperability issues have presented serious challenges to integrators and service providers since the earliest ISDN VoIP installations. Building on eight years of award-winning VoIP product leadership, Patton is the first and only manufacturer to produce standalone VoIP gateways that address these interoperability issues:

-- Service providers can use SmartNode(TM) VoIP CPE to deliver business-class VoIP service in ISDN markets without the cost and delay of troubleshooting clock-related failures with the subscriber's PBX.

-- Enterprises can realize the cost-reduction and network-consolidation benefits of VoIP without the expense and disruption of replacing their existing DECT PBX and phones. By supporting the industry's most complete set of advanced ISDN features, SmartNode(TM) avoids the cost and lost productivity of re-training office staff. End users can use a familiar phone system to communicate exactly as they are accustomed.

-- FAX users can confidently send and receive long faxes up to 28 pages. Patton's high-precision clock solves the clock-synch issues that would otherwise cause fax calls to drop after 4 or five pages.

Additional high-precision SmartNode(TM) products are planned, including the SN4961 PRI IAD with G.SHDSL interface and SN4655 BRI IAD with ADSL or G.SHDSL interface.

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