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- At half the cost of a traditional statmux, Patton's IpStatMux(TM) Model 3038 provides immediate or future migration to all-IP networking by transparently transmitting up to eight asynchronous EIA-232/V.24 data-streams over Ethernet/IP and synch-serial composite links

Patton -- the leader in business and carrier-class network access, connectivity, Voice-over-IP and triple-play equipment -- is now shipping the IpStatMux(TM) Model 3038 multiport asynchronous statistical multiplexer for industrial automation networks.

Manufactured at Patton's USA headquarters and priced at half the cost of traditional multiplexers, the IpStatMux(TM) offers RS-232/V.24 device networks a smooth transition to Ethernet/IP.

Patton's Model 3038 is the first and only multiplexer on the market that integrates four or eight asynchronous EIA-232/V.24 interfaces with dual Ethernet ports and a synchronous-serial V.35, X.21 or T1/E1 port.

Ethernet/IP is the future of industrial networking, said Johnnie Grant, product manager. Sooner or later, any existing RS-232 device will require an IP network connection. Patton's latest technological innovation makes selecting the right equipment for next-generation device networks a no-brainer.

Control Engineering (2/1/2009) confirms IEEE 802.3 Ethernet is a growing force in industrial networking.

At half the cost of traditional statmux equipment, Patton's IpStatMux(TM) is an obvious candidate for replacing aging RS-232 multiplexers in connections to PLCs, RTUs, meters, barcode scanners, gas pumps, cash registers, terminals, and similar asynchronous devices.

By providing access and connectivity to the Ethernet/IP LAN or WAN while simultaneously supporting existing synchronous-serial connections, Patton's Model 3038 future-proofs RS-232 industrial, SCADA, telemetry, and control engineering applications.

Whether you're migrating to IP networking now, or further down the road, Mr. Grant continues, the IpStatMux(TM) is the lowest-cost, most flexible solution for multi-port asynchronous terminal connectivity.

The IpStatMux(TM) combines 115.2 kbps output streams from up to eight EIA-232 or V.24 devices into a single composite data-stream with per-port configurations for speed, flow control, echo, and testing.

Patton's IpStatMux(TM) supports immediate or future migration to all-IP networking by transmitting the composite data stream transparently over the Internet, a private IP network, or a low-cost PPP, Frame Relay, or T1/E1 service.

Earlier this month Patton announced the Model 3231 Managed SHDSL Modem for rugged environments that cuts setup and operation costs for ISA and control engineering applications.

Featuring a front-panel touchpad for fast, easy set-up, Patton's industrial SHDSL modem extends industrial Ethernet connections up to 9.4 kilometers (5.84 miles).

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