BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, England, June 29 /PRNewswire/ -- It's no secret that software has all but disappeared from traditional retail stores. Over the last few years even the most successful software publishers have experienced catastrophic performance from 'bricks and mortar' retail.

The economic climate hasn't helped either, but for software it gets worse! Add the lack of retail availability to the fact users can purchase directly from developers in just a few clicks and it's obvious why traditional publishing models are no longer relevant.

Former FastTrak Software Publishing CEO and Avanquest Corporate Director Jon Silvera has developed and launched a unique reseller platform into what he believes is one of the most exciting emerging markets available.

There's no doubt people want to buy software, says Silvera, but the marketplace has changed dramatically with customers having little choice where to buy from. The catalogue stores have all but disappeared and unless you buy direct, download versions are thin on the ground.

All is about to change as Downloadbuyer.com proudly opens its doors to the public and businesses alike, positioning itself as a new destination store for software.

Downloadbuyer.com presents a huge catalogue of well-known software titles from leading brands for both PCs and Macs, all under one roof and for the very first time all in downloadable format. Titles include Magix, ZoneAlarm, Net Nanny, Sun Microsystems, Datawatch, Avanquest, IMSI, Fast Reports, Kinemac, Inertia, Mariner, ABBYY, F-Secure and many more.

Best of all, downloadable applications are always in stock, generally cheaper than their boxed counterparts and typically delivered to your desktop in just a few minutes.

Downloadbuyer.com has been designed to ensure a user experience unlike any other shopping site. Site navigation is slick as search results are displayed in 'real-time'.

Businesses will appreciate the lack of complexity when ordering multi-user licenses. No more update buttons - change a quantity and prices all update in real-time with no mouse clicks. Also save orders and export PDF quotes.

Visitors will also find ratings, comments, in-depth information, visuals, case studies and white papers and even a product-sourcing service.

Downloadbuyer.com is about choice, convenience and value, says Silvera but more than this, it's also about interaction, communication and gratification.

About Downloadbuyer.com

Founded by former publisher Jon Silvera, Downloadbuyer.com's aim is to become a major destination store for downloadable software. The Downloadbuyer.com platform has been developed by Jon Silvera and Technical Director and co-founder Mike Green and is 100% owned by Downloadbuyer.com Ltd. The platform is available for 'white-labelling' and or customising into other systems.

Media contact: press@downloadbuyer.com, downloadbuyer.com Ltd, +44(0)1844-237-641

Media contact: press@downloadbuyer.com, downloadbuyer.com Ltd, +44(0)1844-237-641