BARCELONA, March 30, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Safelayer Secure Communications ( - leader in the security and trust market for information and communication technologies - consolidates its strategic alliance with the multinational Indra for its international expansion. The companies are currently working together to speed up deployments of their Citizen e-ID and e-Passport solutions in Latin America.

With more than ten years' experience in the security market, Safelayer is in full swing with its international expansion, something for which it has teamed up with partners such as Indra. As part of its strategy, Safelayer collaborates with consulting and integration firms as technological partners to assure the integration and interoperability of its security products and solutions for national and international clients.

Safelayer's PKI technology is being used in the world's biggest citizen identification project, the Spanish National Electronic Identity Card (DNIe). Headed by Indra, this project has a scope of over 40 million citizens, for which 14 million e-ID cards have already been issued. According to Francisco Jordan, Safelayer's CEO and cofounder, citizen identification infrastructures are strategic for government administrations. Furthermore, the next generation of security standards in which Safelayer is working will give the e-IDs the capability for secure identification over the Internet and personal data protection using cryptographic privacy systems and advanced electronic signature.

According to Juan Carlos Batanero, director of Security Systems at Indra, with Indra technology, any state can create automatic border control systems that provide the quick and automatic inspection of ID documents making use of the biometrics stored in the documents' chips. The facial and fingerprint recognition processes of these systems combined with the public-key cryptography-based security mechanisms implemented by passports, ID cards and inspection systems support the swift, secure and guaranteed identification of document holders.

Safelayer is also working to introduce new advances in its solutions for citizen identification and first and second generation electronic passports (ICAO BAC and EAC e-Passports), underlining its capacity to provide a complete set of the PKI components for deploying this type of critical infrastructure. The company was the first to announce the technology for setting up the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) service, a critical component of the security infrastructure for deploying the new electronic passports in Europe and around the world, facilitating the interconnection of national PKIs.

In 2009, Safelayer received international recognition from the business research and consulting firm Frost Sullivan for its global marketing strategy for public key infrastructures (PKI). Safelayer is currently focusing on digital identification and certification projects and trust services for governments and certification services providers in a number of global markets. As a market leader, Safelayer has established new commercial agreements in the Italian and Polish markets, thus consolidating its distribution channel that comprises 21 VARs in countries including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Portugal, France and Morocco.

About Indra

Indra is the number one IT multinational in Spain and one of the biggest in Europe and Latin America. It is the second-biggest European company in its sector in terms of stock market capitalization and the second-ranked Spanish company for investment in RD. In 2009, it had a sales turnover of EUR2.5 billion, of which a third came from the international market. The company employs more than 29,000 professionals and has clients in over 100 countries.

About Safelayer

Founded in May 1999, Safelayer Secure Communications S.A. ( is a Spanish company that develops security software solutions for managing digital identity, electronic signatures and data protection. The family of KeyOne products implements advanced public key infrastructures (PKI) for managing digital certificates, certificate validation and electronic time-stamping. The TrustedX trusted services platform integrates information security mechanisms-for electronic documents and web messaging-into applications using a SOA (services-oriented architecture) and XML approach.

Safelayer technology is currently being used in the three major certification and digital identification projects in Spain: the project for the Royal Spanish Mint (FNMT, Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre), the National Electronic Identity Card (DNI-e, Documento Nacional de Identidad Electronico) and the Electronic Passport. Safelayer technology also provides security to NATO's email system in Brussels, the Moroccan Social Security (Caisse Nationale de Securite Sociale, CNSS), the Portuguese Government (CEGER), the Uruguayan Postal Service, the Confederation of Chambers of Commerce in Colombia, the Panamanian Border Service and Banrisul in Brazil. Safelayer technology is based on open standards and is characterized by its performance, simplicity and flexibility, and by being endorsed by the Common Criteria EAL4+ quality certification.

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