BARCELONA, July 6 /PRNewswire/ --

- According to the Business Research Consulting Firm Frost Sullivan, Safelayer
is Ideally Positioned for Growth in Europe and Latin America

Safelayer Secure Communications ( has received the
Market Strategy Leadership Award from Frost Sullivan. The business research
consulting firm believes Safelayer's marketing strategy has demonstrated its
worth and effectiveness against the competition. With a strong commitment to RD
and to continually improving its product portfolio, Safelayer has taken steps to
increase its market share in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Italy, France,
Portugal, Poland and Morocco.

Safelayer's strategic technology and its success in national and international
projects have allowed the company to become an industry specialist in the
European and Southern Cone markets. Its digital identification, electronic
signature and data protection solutions are present in large corporations and in
the administration, defense, banking and insurance and health sectors. According
to Frost Sullivan, In addition to selling to government agencies and financial
institutions, Safelayer focuses on large enterprise accounts and the expansion
of its technology into Certification Authorities (CSPs) that are located in
various global markets.

From its dominant position in the Spanish market, Safelayer is working to
reinforce and expand its presence in EMEA and LATAM. The company is currently
developing its products and targeting, in partnership with VARs, new markets in
fourteen countries. As the leader in its domestic market, Safelayer solutions
are being used in the three major digital certification and identification
projects in Spain that target over 40 million people: the citizen e-ID card,
electronic passport and CERES-FNMT (Royal Spanish Mint) Certification Authority,
making it a pioneer in the development of large-volume critical identity
management projects.

Founded in 1999, Safelayer actively takes part in RD projects, participates in
global technical forums on interoperability and has received several awards,
such as the TeleTrust innovation award given to its TrustedX product for its
problem-solving potential, interoperability, international relevance and
European scope. According to Francisco Jordan, Safelayer's CEO and co-founder,
our strategy is based on providing intelligent systems and maximum integration
for deploying and managing information security and trust. We achieve this with
greater guarantees of compliance with the standards and reliability that meets
all applicable technical and legal requirements for quality and security.

About Safelayer

Founded in 1999, Safelayer operates from its head offices in Barcelona and
Madrid. It is a leader in developing security and trust products for digital
identification, electronic signature and data encryption. Safelayer's KeyOne
product family implements advanced public key infrastructures (PKI) for managing
digital certificates, certificate validation and electronic time-stamping.
Safelayer's TrustedX trusted services platform provides applications with
information security mechanisms-for electronic documents and web messaging-using
a SOA (services-oriented architecture) and XML approach.

Source: Safelayer Secure Communications,

SOURCE: Safelayer Secure Communications

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