BARCELONA, Spain, September 30, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Safelayer Secure Communications ( -leader in the security and trust market for information and communication technologies- announces the obtaining of the Common Criteria (CC) EAL4+ certification for the latest version of its TrustedX product. EAL4+ is considered the benchmark for the security certification of ICT systems.

Version 3.0 of the TrustedX solution incorporates, under unified management, the following service components, all of which fall within the scope of CC EAL4+ certification: electronic signature generation and verification, data encryption and decryption, key management, authentication, authorization and access control, and auditing. The Spanish Certification Body (CNI-CCN) has certified that all these components are EAL4+ secure and comply with the US government's functional requirements for applications with PKI technology (U.S. Government Basic Robustness PKE PP) and additional functional requirements derived from the EU Directive on Electronic Signatures (Directive 1999/93/EC).

Authentication, electronic signature and data encryption mechanisms are a business priority for safeguarding against fraud, saving costs and complying with the regulations in different countries. According to Francisco Jordan, CEO and cofounder of Safelayer, Safelayer technology is used in critical business processes. Security certifications are part of our quality strategy for offering products with the maximum assurances for reliability and robustness.

Through CC certification, the Certification Body certifies that the technology is secure, which means Safelayer's clients can have the utmost confidence in the company's products. CC EAL4+ certification guarantees an independent and systematical review of the completeness of the product-of both the specifications and the tests carried out-and the security in the product development procedures. EAL4+ certification is the benchmark adopted by the ICT sector to provide the necessary and sufficient guarantees for quality and reliability. TrustedX is the most complete tool in its category and the first to obtain this certification for all its functionality.

About Safelayer

Founded in May 1999, Safelayer Secure Communications S.A. ( is a Spanish company that develops security software solutions for managing digital identity, electronic signatures and data protection. Its infrastructure solutions are used in government agencies, banking and finance, insurance, large corporations, and security service providers, such as Certification Service Providers (CSPs). It is currently present in 13 countries across EMEA and LATAM via a distribution channel of 21 VARs.

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