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- Lip Sync and Live Network Testing Capabilities on Spirent VUE Solution Enable First Complete, Comprehensive Assessment of Mobile Video User Experience

Spirent Communications plc (LSE: SPT), a global provider of performance analysis and service management solutions, today announced important new capabilities for the Spirent 8100 Video User Experience (VUE) solution. Spirent VUE now offers a new Lip Sync test feature to measure audio-to-video synchronization errors associated with mobile video transmission. In addition, a new Application Development System (VUE-ADS) configuration is available, enabling video user experience testing of any mobile video technology under a wider range of test conditions, including live network testing.


Widespread 3G infrastructure rollouts have ensured that bandwidth is no longer the weakest link in video service performance. However, video service deployments continue to fall short of customer expectations based on the combined consideration of price, accessible content, and Quality of Experience (QoE) on the mobile device. To deliver on the promise of revenue growth from video services, network operators need the right answers in each of these three areas, including the use of performance metrics to help address QoE.

Spirent VUE system provides mobile operators and device manufactures with a unique solution that delivers an objective, quantitative assessment of a user's experience with video services. The new Lip Sync test capability provides statistical analysis of the offset between the video and audio track over the entire duration of the source video clip. Lip Sync is a key element in the user experience of any video service and this new tool provides the quantified insight necessary to develop approaches that effectively address the issue in mobile platforms.

The new VUE-ADS configuration introduces the flexibility required to apply Spirent's industry-leading mobile video measurement technology to challenges beyond those addressed by the fully-integrated VUE solution. These include video performance testing of devices on live networks, as well as over other mobile video delivery technologies such as DVB-H. The VUE-ADS configuration is targeted at network operator acceptance teams wanting to test video performance on a live network infrastructure rather than in lab-based emulated network environments. It is also addresses the needs of research and development teams that want to test video performance on mobile device reference designs that may not yet have a cellular interface. The VUE-ADS configuration also offers the same range of measurement capabilities as the original fully-integrated VUE system, including the identical test cases and video test content installed on the multimedia server.

Identifying video performance issues prior to device deployment is more likely to result in a satisfied user who will continue subscribing to video services and is less likely to return the device, or in extreme cases move to another operator, said Gene Kientzy, vice president, Multimedia Test Solutions at Spirent Communications. Spirent has adopted a unique measurement methodology to overcome the challenges inherent in a comprehensive assessment of the complete mobile video user experience. The latest additions to Spirent's VUE solution enhance our leadership position in performance testing of mobile devices beyond minimum industry-standard requirements.

Built on Spirent's modular 8100 Mobile Device Test System Platform, the VUE test solution promises to change the way the mobile industry evaluates video service performance. It employs a high-speed, high-resolution digital video camera to capture visible activity on the device display, from the moment a video is requested through playback completion. The recorded activity is then analyzed for Key Performance Indicators that include Video Start Time, Video Interruptions, Video Missing, Video Quality (MOS) and now Video-Voice Time Alignment (Lip Sync). All of this can be accomplished in a controlled laboratory environment with full test automation enabling timely and cost-effective root cause identification and debugging.

The VUE test solution is available in multiple configurations to address a broad range of budget and testing needs. The most basic configuration is the new VUE-ADS test solution that allows for testing of any technology as required by the user. The most advanced configuration is the lab-based UMTS VUE Module built on Spirent's 8100 Mobile Device Test System platform that provides RF channel emulation using the Spirent SR5500 Wireless Channel Emulator and cellular network emulation using the Spirent SR3420 UMTS Network Emulator.

Spirent Communications will be demonstrating its VUE test systems next week at the 2009 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Spirent's booth is located in Hall 1, stand C14 at the February 16-19 event. For more information visit

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