NANTERRE, Paris, March 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Oberthur Technologies, the world's second largest provider of security and identification solutions and services based on smart card technologies, has been selected by Sygma Bank Polska, leader in the retail bank field in Poland, to support the migration to DDA EMV cards and to provide advanced personalisation services. The EMV migration is currently taking place in Poland.

Oberthur Technologies is a long-term partner of Sygma Bank in several countries. Thanks to its extensive experience with timely EMV projects, Oberthur Technologies has been chosen to be the local partner in Poland as well.

Oberthur Technologies provides a VISA and MasterCard certified local service centre to personalise magnetic stripe, SDA[2], DDA, CDA[3] and many other form factors card such as NFC-stickers and key fobs.

"We have chosen Oberthur Technologies. It was a rather obvious decision, as LaSer Group and Sygma Bank, its consumer finance brand, have been supported by Oberthur Technologies in other countries. Relying on this successful collaboration, we expect positive results from this new partnership in the demanding Polish market," said Jean Remy Martinez, Regional Marketing Director at Sygma Bank Poland.

"The agreement demonstrates Oberthur Technologies' unique ability to serve its customers locally thanks to it extensive network of over 30 service centres, all equipped with our unique Common Personalisation System. This expertise gives comfort to our customers and enables us to offer the highest level of safety with an unrivalled business continuity thanks to sister sites all over the world," added Eric Duforest, Managing Director Europe, Card Systems Division at Oberthur Technologies.