BONN, Germany, January 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Taxcor Plus was developed over years of research. We are expecting outstanding clinical results, says Dr. Rembert Pogge von Strandmann, Clinical Director at Eurocor GmbH. So the European CE approval is just a logical next step. The approval forms the basis for worldwide sale of the new system, with the exception of the USA.

The combination of medication and mechanical intervention in Taxcor Plus, which is produced from cobalt chrome, offers unique medical advantages to patients. For one, the flexibility of the stent reduces trauma to the coronary artery and leads to optimal adaptation to the body. Moreover, the medication Paclitaxel, which coats the stent, inhibits any negative effects on the coronary blood vessels that may result from the minimally-invasive procedure.

The bioactive structure of the stent surface allows it to be coated with Paclitaxel without using polymers. This avoids the increased risk of inflammation, sensitivity reactions or delayed recovery. Taxcor Plus therefore offers patients a highly efficient therapy which is also as safe as possible.

Less friction minimises complications

The newest stent solution from Eurocor is based on the principles of biomechanics. The structure of the Taxcor stent features an especially small volume of metal as well as high flexibility, which reduces the trauma to the stented coronary artery usually caused by the permanent friction that results from the use of more rigid stents.

Lower burden on patients due to short medication delivery time

The full dose of the medication is quickly delivered to the arterial wall where it inhibits cell division, which in turn prevents restenosis. It is also effective against the processes of inflammation.

The company

Eurocor GmbH is a rapidly growing life sciences company specialising in research and development, and production of cardiovascular catheter and coronary stent technologies. The products of the Bonn-based company, which are implanted during minimally-invasive heart interventions, are based on biological and biomechanical principles to make them especially flexible and adaptable. To deliver medication via a balloon catheter, Eurocor has developed an innovative method that is especially well-tolerated by patients.

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