MILPITAS, California, January 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Vpype ( ), a social video company, today launched the Vpype Live Broadcaster ( ) Facebook application in public beta, enabling all 350 million Facebook members to create and share live, interactive video content through an easy-to-use broadcast application. Vpype Live Broadcaster is a unique platform that allows users to create scheduled or unscheduled interactive live shows, send video notes, store completed broadcasts with audience participation and share videos in Facebook.

The Vpype Live Broadcaster is a secure, stable and personalized Facebook application that allows users to broadcast their personal live video content to the rapidly growing social graph of Facebook members. Vpype's interactive platform allows participants to chat with the broadcaster in real-time, and produces a visual transcript for time shifted viewers.

The product is consumer-friendly and was designed as a Facebook application, requiring no software download or special equipment. Users can start real-time video broadcasting with just a webcam and a microphone. Features of the new release of Vpype Live Broadcaster include:

- Easy-to-view chat history - Embeddable web video player - Broadcast Tweet notifications - Secure platform with ongoing monitoring for potential Internet abuse - Live upstream bandwidth indicator

Vpype Live Broadcaster has been in private beta and is currently being used by more than 1,000 early adopters, including businesses, bloggers, brands and public personalities, located in twenty countries around the world. Vpype opened their platform to all Facebook users in order to expand the already active community and give people the opportunity to use this technology in new, creative ways. The Vpype Live Broadcaster is a perfect platform to build a network, market a business or simply connect with friends around the world. Facebook members are invited to program their own channels and build personal brands.

The Vpype Live Broadcaster has built in viral marketing tools so users can promote their broadcasts through instant notifications to Facebook walls as well as broadcast alerts to Twitter. Broadcasters can grow their audience by conducting regularly scheduled programs of up to sixty minutes and create show lists to share and promote their content. Content is also easily and automatically archived for easy reference.

Vpype is helping shape the emerging live broadcast marketplace by leveraging Facebook, new media and the power of social networking technologies to create live video-based, user-generated content, said Shoieb Yunus, president and CEO, Vpype. It's time that live visual communication is affordable and accessible. It's essential to arm people with the tools they need to be a live video broadcaster.

Vpype is also hosting a series of community meet-ups, both in the United States and around the world, to introduce the application and to brainstorm with businesses on how to adopt social video to their needs. For more information, visit

To start using Vpype Live Broadcaster, visit

About Vpype:

Vpype is a social video company committed to helping people tell their story to the world. Based in Milpitas, California, the company was founded in 2009 by entrepreneurs with expertise in video technology, consumer and enterprise software as well as broadcasting and entertainment. For Vpype news, product updates and information on meet-ups, please become a fan of Vpype on Facebook: You can also follow Vpype on Twitter at

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