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Since June 2008, aspiring singers, songwriters, filmmakers, comedians, and photographers joined together in the YOBI.tv community, all in the hopes of sharing their talent and winning the grand prize. The competition, which attracted thousands of entries from 36 countries, was divided into four categories: YOBIFilm; YOBISing; YOBILaugh; YOBIPics. On Thursday, May 28, 2009 the winners were contacted and we are officially bringing the news to you first! You can watch the finalists' reactions at www.YOBI.tv.

And the Winners are ... YOBIFilm: Paul Kurti, of Toronto, Canada, age 26 Winning Entry: Restless Wanderer www.yobi.tv/yobifilm About: Paul was born in Albania and moved to Canada at age 18. He loves to travel and meet new people a puts a lot of love and work into his films. In his life, Paul seeks to explore the world, choices, change, individuality and connections. Through his films he tries to give back a piece of himself, his thoughts and ideas. Grand Prize: US$12,500 and two all-access passes to the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and VIP admittance for two into a major indie film's after-party event. YOBISing: Tom Hall, of Brisbane, Australia, age 35 Winning Entry: A Woman Just Like You www.yobi.tv/yobising About: Tom says that with the help of YOBI, the task of reaching more listeners has been just the incentive he has needed to write some of his best work. Tom will use his prize money to record a song or an album. Grand Prize: US$17,500 and two premium tickets to the 2010 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles and admittance for two into an official after-party. YOBILaugh: Ben Green, of London, England, age 35 Winning Entry: Punch me, I won't sue www.yobi.tv/yobilaugh About: Ben looks forward to writing and doing sketch comedy in the future and has been doing it for the past 2 1/2 years. Grand Prize: US$10,000 and two premium tickets to the world premiere of a major comedy film in Los Angeles, VIP access for two to the official after-party, and two VIP tickets to the taping of the Tonight Show. YOBIPics: Phil Southern, of Warren, Michigan, age 22 Winning Entry: Lee Plaza www.yobi.tv/yobipics About: Phil is a senior at Eastern Michigan University and does freelance for local newspapers. His hope is to do work internationally and private photography on his own. Grand Prize: US$10,000 and two VIP tickets to the grand opening of a major collection showing at the new Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles, as well as premier access to the lecture series and workshops at the museum.

About YOBI.tv

YOBI.tv is the revolutionary online network that allows talented people the opportunity to win HUGE cash prizes and life-changing experiences. Contestants submit their videos or images into any of the 4 contest channels: Singing (YOBISing), Filmmaking (YOBIFilm), Photography (YOBIPics), and Comedy (YOBILaugh). Each week, YOBI.tv users vote for their favorite submissions. The highest voted in each contest will become semifinalists and move closer to the ultimate, final prizes. Combined, the prizes for this first season total more than US$100,000.

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