DETROIT, September 15 /PRNewswire/ -- is a new world of digital entertainment, is free, and has contest channels for Vocal Talent, Film Making, Comedy, Photography, Fashion Design, and Innovation. Voting opened August 18 and in the first three weeks of voting the member chosen winning semi-finalists are from USA, Indonesia, Estonia and Australia. The contestants this week are from 35 countries and visitors from more than 80 countries make up contestant views, which have increased 500% in the past fifteen weeks.

"With the massive popularity of social networks, reality television, and user generated videos, an Internet Reality Contest site was the next obvious step. Members can create niche profiles for socializing or to show off their talents. There is no shortage of people waiting for their 15 minutes of fame and gives anyone the power to create that opportunity," states Dianne Victor, founder and CEO.

Members have 30 weekly chances to win the most member votes in order to advance to the semi-finals to compete for the cash prizes. The minimum prize fund, per each channel, is US$10,000 and grows with member participation.

"We are currently scanning the globe for talented vloggers to appear on our channels. The vlogger should have expertise in at least one of our contest channels or UN agenda subjects on the YOBI World channel. Anyone interested should send a link to their vlog to and let us know which channel you would like to be featured on. If selected, you will be featured on and we will also plug your vlog," says Ms. Victor. "We have an incredibly talented team who is willing to work 24/7, and we are having a blast creating this revolutionary new world of online entertainment. There is a lot more to come, so stay tuned."

This contest network also has a social conscience. YOBI gives a percent of revenue to charities and offers a free channel for humanitarian efforts, which has drawn support from member Yoko Ono and many others around the globe.

Based in Michigan, USA, staff would like to expand the entertainment industry their home state, open endless opportunities for the contestants and winners, and offer a place for the world to gather for positive change.

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