GENEVA, Switzerland, June 17 /PRNewswire/ -- WISeKey SA announced today it has received orders in June totaling CHF 4.5 million from several clients from its anti-counterfeiting and Digital Identity system that safeguards and verifies the authenticity of luxury goods and protects the digital identity of users.

Together with the Digital Identification, the anti-counterfeiting industry continues to aggressively pursue the use of our WISeAuthentic technology, said Carlos Moreira, the company's president and CEO, in a statement. We are pleased to have prestigious brands as significant customers for our proprietary technology and are looking forward to the continued development and application of our patent pending technology in new areas related to the anti-counterfeiting market.

Counterfeiting represents approximately five to seven percent of all world trade and with the luxury industries estimated to reach one trillion dollars by 2010. They need a solution that will prove authenticity. The technology is virtually fail-safe, as the encrypted data within the SmartCard's chip is impossible to replicate and will remain so for the foreseeable future, according to analysts, mathematicians and academics who participated in the development of WISeKey's technology. WISeAuthentic can be used with jewellery, beauty products, haute couture, airline and automotive parts, luxury goods, pharmaceuticals, software and digital media.

In addition to the anti-counterfeiting contracts, WISeKey closed deals for its new generation semantic validation system which leverages the Web 2.0 functionalities and goes further by taking Citizen services into Web 3.0 interactions. Essentially, citizens can access and transact online with different logon mechanisms. Depending on the logon mechanism used, the Citizen portal will be adapted automatically to the functionalities allowed for the mechanism used. For example, with a high security electronic identity card, a citizen would be able to undertake the most complex transactions whilst the use of a simple login/password mechanism would limit the functionalities available to the Citizen.

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Contact: Estrella Vela Corporate Communications Manager E-Mail: Carlos Moreno Vice-President, Business Development E-Mail: Tel: +41-22-594-30-00

Contact: Estrella Vela, Corporate Communications Manager, E-Mail:; Carlos Moreno, Vice-President, Business Development, E-Mail:, Tel.: +41-22-594-30-00