There is a lot of fuzz and even down right drama related to the forthcoming Large Hadron Collider experiment at CERN. I have started to call it the Lovely Hadron Collider because I think the science is great and I am a bad teaser...;-)
The Blue Marble by NASA/Reto Stöckli
Geodesy is the science of determining the geometry, gravitational field, and the rotation of the Earth and their evolution in time. I just want to confirm that the shape of the planet Earth will stay the same even after the Lovely Hadron Collider is fueled up and running. I don't suspect reading the latest scientific paper on the issue will help or change the view of those too much in love with Doomsday scenarios, but if you are curious please continue reading.
The LHC turn-on fear are completely unfounded and you can read all of the technical details in this Review of the safety of LHC collisions if you so wish. To sum it up: The geometry, gravitational field and rotation of our planet will remain the same! :-)