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About Franc Pasta cook, bricklayer, forklift / crane operator, pharmaceutical guinea pig. Wasted 10 years of his life working for some of the world's largest mining companies researching extreme acidophilic / thermophilic microbes, where they foolishly rejected his marketing slogans such as "they eat rocks and shit acid, pretty hardcore huh?". Then moved along into the charlatan's sideshow that is the "Internet security" industry's big end of town to waste another 10 years consulting to blue chip clients that either yelled at him when things blew up, or whined they were wasting their money when everything worked and all was uneventful. Not actually a waste though, from a sociological and psychological perspective if you are interested in primate behavior. As a result, a jack of all trades and master of none, and very adept seeing jaundiced perspectives others don't want or need. Now wastes his time getting under peoples skin on Grey Lining.
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