As if taken by a spell, my joking claim to be on strike in the last post grew to become one of the longest streaks of absence from blogging of the last few months, for a series of irrelevant reasons tightly packed together.

In the meantime I have tried to put together an article on a recent very interesting measurement performed by the CDF collaboration: a study of very rare decays of B mesons, which can now not only determine the rate of said decays, but also have a taste at subtle kinematical effects in the distribution of the final states. The distributions are a new key to discriminate the existence of new physics in these rare processes.

Unfortunately, the piece is not ready yet, but I had decided I would post something today nonetheless, so I will give here an anticipation of tomorrow's post: the graph describing one of the main results of the CDF analysis. It is shown below.

In the graph you see... Well, what you see will only be clear to you tomorrow - or, if you are a physicist, you might enjoy getting the details yourself in the public web page of the CDF analysis!