Ok, this is an old story and probably all of you have seen the footage already - but after seeing the video myself, I cannot avoid posting it in my blog too. The recorded ending of a moving story of love between a lion and two young men is still all the rage on YouTube several months after being posted, and if you have not seen it yet, here is your chance to get even.

The story goes as follows -or at least that is what I have read about it. Two Australians, Rendall and Bourke, saw a lion cub for sale at Harrods in 1969, and were moved by the captive creature and bought it. They raised it for a while (see picture on the right), but when the animal started to grow, they had to get rid of it -and they brought it to a natural reserve in Kenya. Then, after one year they grew nostalgic. Despite the warnings that the animal was now grown up and might not recognize them, they went in search for it, and were rewarded by the most affectionate embrace I have ever seen between adult mammals belonging to different species.

These videos show the rendez-vous between the men and the lion. Really moving!