After the Pandora vase of Berlusconi's private life got opened, there are news trickling out from it every day. In the last few days we learned that the parties thrown by the Italian premier in his billionaire villa in Sardinia, or at his residence in Rome, Palazzo Grazioli, included scores of young women that were not there by chance, but allegedly with the purpose of entertaining -offering sex- the male participants. There is, in fact, a judiciary action going on, which is trying to ascertain the declarations of a few women who participated to those parties, and who declare they were offered money.

Given the warnings I have received in the past about the need to be careful with what I write here when I expose myself to charges of libel, and given the very active lawyers of Berlusconi, I will abstain from commenting the news. But let me translate what Cinzia Sasso (an italian journalist)  writes on her blog today, exposing yet one disturbing detail of the whole story:
"When will there be enough to say enough to all this ? The last news concerning Berlusconi is not so much the interview of the Bari girl who says she has been put on a plane, dumped on a five-star hotel, brought to Palazzo Grazioli inside a car with obscured windows, to be put on the availability of the premier. The worst news are the words of his faithful lawyer, Nicolo' Ghedini: with his legalistic language he puts hands forth and says that "even under the hypothesis that the indications of this girl were true -and they are not true- the premier would be the final user and thus never penally prosecutable.

The final user.

The first to publically show contempt and to ask a minimal respect for women was Vittoria Franco, from PD: 'By now women, in Berlusconi's territory, have become objects of use. And those who use them, obviously, are users'.

There is nothing new, since the thought of those who had the guts to say that Eluana Englaro (an Italian case similar to Terry Schiavo, TN) could have been a 'container of children', had already appeared in all its vileness. One can only ask oneself: but can't women in Berlusconi's party, by God, manage to have a spurt of dignity ?"