This blog wishes you a very Merry Christmas, if...

You would not really expect me to wish Merry Christmas à tout le monde, right ? I hate nobody, but the fact you visit my site on December 24th does not make you eligible to have my sympathy, by itself. There are a few -very few- things that I attach as a condition for my best wishes.

So, Merry Christmas to you, and your loved ones,

  • if you live in the knowledge that you are a guest on this planet, and make an effort to keep it good for those who will one day take your place in it;
  • if you hate nobody, and reject violence and war as means of resolution of controversies;
  • if, while being religious, you accept that religion should not in any way hinder the progress of science; or if, not being religious, you support the advancement of human knowledge.
To all others: I wish you will find a way to see through the clouds that hinder your clear thinking.