Enough. I have lost to hyperspace too many paragraphs of my scribblings -here, as well as elsewhere- and I cannot stand it anymore. I need your help.

I write on a SONY VAIO laptop, with an English keyboard. The bottom row of keys has the "ctrl", the "Fn", the "windows" key; the second row has the shift key first; and the third row has the "caps lock" key. This information is relevant for what I am about to explain.

It turns out that sometimes while I write I type some nasty combination of shift, caps lock, or other keys in the thereabouts, together with some normal key I am typing at the same time, and the whole paragraph I am editing instantly disappears, vanishing into hyperspace.

I am an old dog, who is too lazy to learn new tricks. Even worse, I cannot get myself to start reading about the problem in internet discussion forums. But I have a blog, fairly well visited. So you might know the solution to this problem, and teach me how to disable the nasty combination of keys, or circumvent the problem otherwise. Please help!