While I do intend to update this blog today or tomorrow with a report on a nice new measurement, my blogging activities have generally slowed down a bit this week, as I am traveling. On Monday I flew from Venice to Paris and then to Miami (in a brand new A380 - that was the first time for me on that giant plane). On the next day I flew to Cancun, and then headed to Playa del Carmen where I am currently staying. 
Travel in the next few days foresees a few more days in the Maya riviera, then back to Miami next Monday to attend the CMS week there, and finally a flight back to Venice on the 19th. You might say that this is enough of a reason for decreasing my blogging activities a bit - the Mayan riviera is indeed a great place to relax and forget everything else - but the real reason behind my apparent laziness is another one.

I had brought with me a lightweight sony vaio laptop, an older one than the one I normally use for my work. And on the A380 flight I ended up briefly sitting on it while I left out of my row another passenger. The screen, as a result, has partly broke. I can only see the left half of it, with annoyinc consequences: even the simplest thing becomes hard to do if your PC thinks you can see the whole screen but you actually don't.

As an example, yesterday I tried to log in after turning the pc off, and as I tried to get into my account I found out I could not click on the account as I did not know where the pointer was aiming ! I clicked at random for a while and found out that I was always logged in as "guest", and I could not figure how the apparent randomness only got me in the guest account instead than into my own, until I realized that I had to type in the password! This took away 5 minutes of my life.

So, blogging is possible too, but twice as hard. The Science20 web page has all the main controls on the right, and I cannot narrow the browser window to see them, so I have to move the window left and right quite a bit. Things will get back to normal on the 20th, when I will go back to my faithful Dell at home.