So, as I had announced a bit prematurely three days ago, the Opera experiment is about to release the results of a measurement that is bound to stir endless discussions. If you read the piece before I took it down (to comply with a request coming from high up above), or even Lubos Motl's blog, you know what this is about; but by now it is not a mystery in any case, since many newspapers are now discussing the news, although they often misrepresent things, as usual (heck, the newspaper "La Stampa" has a short piece in its online version tonight, where they manage to claim that Einstein was wrong and that the theory of relativity is being questioned; plus, the picture they show is... the CMS experiment!)

I will re-post my piece, slightly updated, tomorrow. But I am sure you can find by now lots of information on the matter in blogs and sites around. The heart of the matter is that energetic muon neutrinos shot from CERN 730 km away, to the underground lab of Gran Sasso in central Italy, appear to be traveling faster than light.

So let us connect tomorrow at 4PM Geneva time to the CERN seminar. You can do so at this link. And then come back here for a discussion!

Update: my original article is now back, here.