Rolf is drawing the conclusions. He just asked the audience:

"I think we have it. Do you agree ?" And a roar of consensus fills the auditorium.

The slide says "The observation of a new particle consistent with a Higgs boson".

It is a historic milestone, but only the beginning.

A standing ovation follows. Then a connection with Melbourne, with the other auditorium applauding. Now questions in the CERN site ensuing.

Theorists take the stage, Higgs saying it is an extraordinary achievement for the lab, and that he is glad that it happened in his lifetime.

A very moving finale !

What happens next ? Well, there was a media storm of course. As for me, I had to work all day to a couple of pieces for an Italian newspaper. I will try to translate them tomorrow...
Another thing to look forward to: the paying of bets ! I won three bets, one (for $750) with Jacques Distler, one (for $250) with Gordon Watts, and one, or actually two, for $100+$100=$200 with Tony Smith. I will be inviting the betters here to discuss their ideas in the occasion of the paying out of the bets.