If you haven't already, go enjoy Hank's blog, "Higgs Boson - Forget Science, What Do Bookies Think?". He answered what was the most pressing question to me: one cannot bet that no Higgs will be found.

That is a shame, since all previous searches for the Higgs have ended up that way. If you lean that way, what should you do? I recommend buying the "No Stinkin' Higgs" t-shirt, in either white or black, for $15 + $3 US shipping, $10 international.

Note: if you have a Ph.D. in physics, you get a $5 discount.

If the Higgs is found and confirmed to five sigma, global sales will cease, and you have an artifact from the ultra-conservative fringe. If no Higgs is detected, you have beaten the crowd. Sounds like a win-win bet.

A self-reflective confession: Of course I like to promote my work, why else would I have done this for twenty weeks? Anytime I comment on another person's blog, it is driven by things I have tried to do. Yet I think it would be wrong for me to promote my efforts on another person's blog. I put the above image on one of Tammaso's reports on the Higgs. The logic was obvious: LOTS of people read his reports, even if he is literally on the beach. I recognized my error and deleted the image. I will work on being self-wary (dark energy = dark matter, no, I don't think so).

I think I will make this image a clickable link on my weekly posts. Might be only a few blogs left.